Meet Thomas ~ Red River High School Senior Pictures

Meet Thomas ~ Red River High School Senior Pictures

“It was great! The staff was super helpful and had so many great ideas. It was fun to try all the different back rounds and shots.” ~ Thomas G. Red River High School.

Thing’s I’m looking forward to for senior year are; classes.

Plans after high school? Go to college.

Favorite Beverage? Raspberry Lemonade.

Favorite TV Shows? Big Bang Theory and the Simpsons.

Favorite Restaurant; Olive Garden.

My Favorite food is; Pineapple Calzone.

One goal I have is; be successful.

When I have a sweet attack I eat… Brownies.

Something that makes me happy; playing piano.

I love Aspen Studio because; helpful and friendly staff.

My friends would describe me as; awkward.

My most embarrassing moment; Walking through Wal-Mart with curlers in my hair.

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Red River High School Senior Pictures

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