Meet Taylor ~ Lancaster High School Aspen Senior Pictures

Meet Taylor ~ Lancaster High School Aspen Senior Pictures

“It was blast! It was super fun and the pictures looked wonderful!” ~ Taylor S. Lancaster High School.

Things I’m looking forward to for senior year are; friday night football games.

Plans after High School? Go to BSU for Special Education.

Favorite TV Show? Grey’s Anatomy.

Favorite item to collect? Movie Tickets.

My Favorite sport or team; Giants.

Favorite Restaurant; Olive Garden.

My Favorite food is; Taco Pie.

When I have a sweet attack I eat… peanut butter m&’ms.

An unusual talent I have is; I have a super long tongue.

Something that makes me happy; playing basketball.

Celebrity crush; Justin Bieber.

My friends would describe me as; outgoing.

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Lancaster High School Aspen Senior Pictures

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