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Meet Alexis boho senior portraits

Alexis Fun Facts

My biggest accomplishment so far has been making a documentary for PBS NewsHour.

I would love to have a $5,000 shopping spree in Sephora!!

History is my favorite class in school.

One thing that is special about me is that I have a beauty mark next to my eye!

When I was younger I wanted to be an archeologist when I grow up.

The following I plan to attend the University of North Dakota and study history.

My favorite sports team is the Golden State.

My favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings!

My opinion the best movie of all time is Sleeping Beauty!

My best advice for incoming freshmen is be you! Do you!

One thing I would like my classmates to remember about me is that I’m always smiling!

I know every line from Finding Nemo.

My celebrity crushes Theo James!

One goal I have is to achieve all of my dreams.

When I have a sweet attack I go for donuts!

If I could travel anywhere in the entire world I would choose to go to room because of the history.

One thing that drives me crazy is loud eaters.

My favorite cartoon character is definitely Scooby-Doo.

Beyonce is my favorite music artist of all time.

My overall experience at Aspen Studio West

boho senior portraits
boho senior pictures
boho senior pics
boho senior photos
boho senior photography
Native American senior photography
Native American senior photos
Native American senior pictures
Native American senior pics
Native American senior portraits

boho senior portraits

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