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Gerald Grand Forks Aspen Studio graduation pictures

Gerald Fun Facts

If I had a superpower, I wish I had telekinesis!

With a $5000 shopping spree, I would choose to go to Best Buy.

The fact that I am a YouTuber is something unique about me.

When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a soldier.

I plan to attend either UND or NDSU for criminal justice!

The Broncos are my favorite sports team!

Star Wars is my favorite movie ever!

I would consider my kindness to be my best quality.

My best advice for incoming freshmen is to enjoy your time.

When I have a sweet attack I love to eat ice cream!

G-Eazy is my favorite musical artist.

My favorite part of my amazing experience at Aspen was the posing!

Parent Fun Facts

When choosing a studio, I looked for quality of photos and what my son wanted.

I was nervous about whether or not we brought enough clothes!

Aspen made my senior feel comfortable.

My favorite part of the session were the Yoda photos.

Aspen’s staff was great because they were super friendly and they really took the time to get to know my son and capture who he is!

My overall experience at Aspen was extremely enjoyable.

Grand Forks Aspen Studio graduation pictures

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Grand Forks Aspen Studio graduation pictures

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